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Corporate University

Establish Sustainable Corporate Education & Training Mechanism, to be in line with our Mission, Achievement, and Responsibility.



Four-dimensional Training System



· For all staff


The training system will be subject to different functions covering operation management, administration, professional skills, marketing, R&D, and logistics.



· The whole procedure


From employee induction till demission, there will be related training program carried out in each phase, according to position series and planning for staff development process.



· All roundness


Apart from the essential knowledge and skills required by various positions, the enterprise culture, personal qualities and EQ of staff are all necessary tasks to be undertaken.

· Diversified forms of training


Create and nurture a learning-oriented organizational culture. Specifically, staff training is not simply limited to the form of lectures on certain topics, other approaches can also be adopted to make the training more interesting and effective.


The Four-step Study System


NKY University consists of the KMC&EDP, the training center and the classes organized by each department, creating an excellent study atmosphere. The spirit of NKY University is: The study is everywhere.



· The HQ Training Level: KMC&EDP


To initiate a management training program targeting at managers or senior level. The courses include the HR center development course, the senior executive part-time course. When necessary, there will be proper arrangement for staff in terms of further study at a higher level, for instance completing diploma or related qualifications, professional certificates in universities or institutions.



· Company Training Level: HR Training Center


At this level, the training is primarily focused on new staff training and general training, which will range from basic management skills, for instance presenting company policy, culture training, team-building and etc.

· Department Training Level: Internal Training Scheme

At department level, conduct professional training with respect to product knowledge, operation skills, scientific approaches, and other key capabilities required by the position.


· Post Learning: Be proactive!

The company promotes the culture of study, encourage a study mindset, to recognize own weakness and further career development space. To seek for opportunities to improve professionally and be self-disciplined in conducting the study plan.

The Six-Dimensional Training Framework

To properly assess individual’s capability and performance, and then evaluate it.

1. Position-knowledge and skills management

2. Career qualification enhancement-horizon and attitude

3. Career capability development-responsibility and space expansion system

4. Technology methods updates- continuing education system with new views

5. Targets management mode- the tools and methods application system

6. System culture establishment- the SOP system