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Group Profile



  BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. is referred to as NKY (Stock code: 300109). Domestic subsidiaries under the Group are as following:  Wuhan Heer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.; Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Boai NKY Internationals Ltd.; BOAI NKY Biological Technology Co., Ltd.; BeiJing NKY Precision Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.; Tianjin YaRez Medical Technology Co.,Ltd; Wuhan Heer Clinical Laboratory Co., Ltd.; Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.; Tian Cheng Run Tai (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.; Changsha Sanji Medical Diagnostics; Beijing NKY Precision Medicine Management & Consultant Service Co., Ltd.; Hangzhou Sanji Biotech Co., Ltd. In recent years, the Group has also expanded its overseas business network and established subsidiaries including: NKY Biotech US, Inc.; BOAI NKY Chemicals GmbH (Germany); NKY Sweden AB; and Godo NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Japan).






  During the past few years, the company has demonstrated its strength with its continuous efforts in various aspects and gained good reputation in the sector. The company’s key business comprises precision medicine and fine chemicals. Precision medicine covers cancer screening, which is based on gene sequencing as the main technology platform, molecular diagnosis of women's disease, personalized medical services, etc. In addition, the fine chemicals business area offers products such as PVP series, PVM/MA copolymer series, and oral-care related series.




  At present, NKY is regarded as a pioneering corporation in China’s precision medicine sector. The company currently owns a number of patents and other intellectual property rights, for instance, the SPICM-DNA automatic cell tumor screening & analysis system at Heer Medical fills the domestic gap to a great extent. Over the last decade, a powerful database has been gradually built up with the accumulated data of more than one million people.


  Specifically, NKY’s another daughter company Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Sanji Biotech), is the leading firm in the field of pharmacogenomics in China. Its laboratory has already received excellent grades for four consecutive years in the relevant EQA (External Quality Assesment) organized by Ministry of Health. In 2016, Sanji Biotech cooperated with Peking University undertaking the National Key Technologies R&D Plan titled “Comprehensive Evaluation System for Chinese pharmacogenomics and Chinese People’s Precision Medicine”, which means NKY will be a participator involved in the formulation of the national standard for precision medicine.


  Furthermore, Genergy Bio-Technology has the most advanced high throughput sequencing, gene chip, single-molecule optical map, bioinformatics and molecular biology technology platform, and it has been awarded as the Illumina CSPro and also BioNano CsPro Official Certified Service Provider for many years. The company has successfully completed more than 2000 scientific research service projects, assisted the clients in publishing about 90 articles which equal approximately 700 impact factors.



  NKY has devoted a great deal of efforts to speed up growth globally since 2016, and one important investment was made by holding shares of NeoDynamics, a Swedish medical technology company based on research conducted at the renowned Karolinska Institute. 

  NKY is also the leading Chinese high-tech specialty chemical company focused on the development and manufacture of PVP series products. Its major manufacture plant covers an area of 138,000 square meters (floor area 56,000 square meters). All the production of pharmaceutical/ cosmetics/ food/ oral-care series products comply with cGMP, which makes NKY an industry model in China. The results of independent research and development have filled industry blank in China: we have obtained 16 patents of invention, 21 patents for utility model in the field of chemistry industry, 20 certificates for Computer Software Copyright, 16 know-hows, many of them reach national or international advanced level. In medical field, we have obtained 10 patents and 24 Software Copyrights. In terms of branding, we also registered 33 trademarks. In recent years, NKY is the biggest supplier of PVP products in China, the 3rd largest globally.

  Grounded in both the precision medical treatment and health care production areas, the company is always people-oriented. With its unique mission and philosophy, apart from being professional in the field, NKY has also been genuinely dedicated to constantly improving its technological quality as well as service standards, therefore ultimately creating a better life for more people.





  NKY has always been committed to process innovation and new product development, and has set up a company's technology R&D center, Tianjin Institute of polymer applications, so as to track the world's technological trends and effectively serve customer needs. The company independently developed a large number of achievements to fill the gaps in China.


  In recent years, NKY has been identified as a National High-tech Enterprise, National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise, and its technology R&D center was rated as the provincial-level enterprise technology center. NKY also rewarded as provincial and municipal advanced technology innovation enterprise, advanced unit of environmental protection for many times.