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Chairman Remarks



Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Deliver, Customized Solutions


Dear friends, colleagues, and fellow partners,


  If we compare life experience to climbing stairs, then each 3-5 years should mean a step. Missing one step does not necessarily lead to a complete failure, however, it may have a negative impact on your advantage among competitors. The history of NKY could fully demonstrated the company’s strength to our partners and friends, that we will not lose our advantage and future. In 2003, the share reform was carried out, and four years later, GEM IPO Project started. In 2010 NKY was listed on the market and was committed to developing precision medicine in 2014.

In 2017, NKY launched the acquisition project of BioVision, a famous US Life Science company. Meanwhile, NKY started to cooperate with the Heidelberg University Hospital. As always, we have been dedicated to developing an epoch-making molecular diagnostic technology for early stage breast cancer. In the next 3-5 years, we aim to take at least two steps forward.

  Started at an early stage, NKY has grown to be a well-known Chinese high-tech specialty chemical enterprise, and particularly in the sector of PVP series, the company becomes a leading enterprise worldwide. Over the years, NKY has been constantly focusing on the forefront of the medical technology and science field, thus making progress in a further step. The two key pillars for precision medicine market are equipment and reagent. After the acquisition of BioVision, NKY is at a leading position in reagent sector worldwide. Besides, by cooperating with Heidelberg University Hospital, we are co-developing a molecular diagnostic technology for early stage breast cancer, and application of this technology will be a revolutionary breakthrough in the area of precision medicine, ultimately creating a useful breast cancer detection product which can really benefit women in China, and therefore could provide the most effective support and guarantee for our future development.

  Confucius said: Understand thoroughly the truth of all things on earth and successfully handle affairs accordingly. We interpret the saint’s saying as Big Enough to Deliver, which is the motto of NKY. We firmly believe that if we have comprehensive understanding of things happened in the world, then a lot of matters could be possibly solved well and applied more effectively. We firmly believe that through our staff’s constant efforts and hard work, NKY will achieve a success in the world.

  The previous achievements are important, and it becomes part of the history. However, sustainability is more significant for NKY in long-term development which is our future, our tomorrow! By keeping our original aspiration and spirit, we firmly believe that we have worked hard and obtained fruitful achievements in the past, we also firmly believe that NKY would have a bright, prosperous and long-term future.

  From the very beginning when the business initially established till now, we have been committed to keeping pace with rapid technology evolution, collaborating with the best enterprises and communicating with top scientific institutions throughout the world. In the future, we will continue to do the same things.

  Explore the world, embrace the world. Wish NKY a brilliant future on the world stage!