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NeoDynamics CEO Paid A Visit to NKY in China

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  At the invitation of BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NKY), NeoDynamics CEO Madam Anna Eriksrud paid a visit to NKY in Beijing on Sept 18-21. NeoDynamics is a privately owned Swedish medical technology company based on research conducted at the renowned Karolinska Institute of Sweden. The company has been committed to developing Tumor diagnostic equipment, and it currently developed the NeoNavia biopsy system, for which NeoDynamics has received CE approval. Since July 2016, NKY has become NeoDynamics’s largest shareholder.

  This visit is the first formal communication between two sides in China after NKY invested in NeoDynamics. Professor Mr. Xu Xiaojun accompanied Madam Anna Eriksrud on her visit to China. Professor Xu is the board member of NeoDynamics on behalf of NKY, and he is also a lecturer at Karolinska Institute.


  Madam Anna Eriksrud introduced to NKY the prior year achievements of the clinical trials in Europe. Till the end of September 2017, NeoNavia system has conducted the clinical trials at eight hospitals in Europe, particularly focusing on biopsy sampling of the breast cancer patients, and the successful rate is about 95% of the accumulated 100 samples. Apart from that, a few of axillary lymph node biopsies had been also carried out with successful rate reaching 100%. The NeoNavia system was highly appraised by all the doctors who involved in these clinical trials.


  During the three days period, Madam Anna Eriksrud visited Beijing Breast Disease Society, Beijing 307 Hospital and Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and she was meeting with Doctor Huang Yan’s team from Breat Surgery of Beijing 307 Hospital and Doctor Wang Xiang’s team from Breast Surgery of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. At the meeting, the two experts had detailed understanding of NeoNavia system and meanwhile addressed their views regarding the difference in comparison to the existing biopsy equipment. Finally, they all showed interests in future cooperation of conducting clinical trials in China.

  On completion of the trip to China, Madam Anna Eriksrud strongly believed that NeoNavia system could have promising future in Chinese market, because of the rapid economic development in China as well as more importance would be attached to the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, which would have positive influences on medical products market. With NKY’s excellent brand reputation in the sector, NeoDynamics will be able to realize its objectives in China’s market, and more importantly, with the successful application of the company’s high-tech patents, Chinese cancer patients will be definitely benefited in the future.