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Sanji Bio Joins in the Presidium of Health Big Data Industry Alliance of NDRC

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       Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanji Bio), a subsidiary of NKY Medical Group (hereinafter referred to as NKY, stock code: 300109), attended the sub-forum of the 4th Forum on China's Industrial Reform and Development as the Vice Chairman of Presidium of Health Big Data Industry Alliance on 09 December 2017. The sub-forum was guided by the China Economic System Reform Research Association of the National Development and Reform Commission and hosted by the Committee for Reform and Enterprise Development.

  The theme of this meeting is A New Century, A New Starting Point and A New Development. It explores how to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, promote reforms, make innovations and seek new industry development in the new starting point of the new century of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It also interprets how to develop and promote the Chinese dream of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Health Big Data Industry Alliance by the former president of Peking University People’s Hospital Wang Shan served as Chairman of the alliance, a number of companies served as Vice Chairman of the alliance; senior hospital management expert Prof. Zhu Hengxin served as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of experts, and many experts and professors served as expert consultants.

  Health Big Data Industry Alliance was hosted by Chairman Mr. Shen Xin of Beijing Haohe Data Technology Co., Ltd., He introduced the alliance background, orientation and future work plan, and presided over the ceremony. Mr. Shen Xin pointed out that, Health Big Data Alliance's main orientation is openness and sharing, and all experts, enterprises and users can participate in it. With the development of current AI and IT technology, all walks of life are developing big data, while healthy big data is weaker than other industries such as finance. However, since 2015 China has introduced some related policies while testing equipment and IT technology developed well, which promote the development of big data and make the medical industry become the fastest growing and most potential industry. It also pointed out that the working idea of the alliance was based on the principle of openness and sharing, and the alliance was committed to establishing a forward-looking and effective big data of health to promote the healthy industry’s innovation and development.

  Chairman of Sanji Bio Mr. Wang Xinmeng, delivered a speech as Vice Chairman of the Presidium of Health Big Data Industry Alliance. He said, as a domestic company that specialized in the clinical application of pharmacogenomics, Sanji Bio is committed to providing precision medical services and solutions to leading hospitals in various provinces and cities in China. With the development of the Precision Medicine Plan by Obama in 2015, the precision medicine in China has been gradually developed. The development of precision medicine cannot be separated from the big data. The establishment of the alliance will surely promote the development of health care industry.


  Sanji Bio-technology is a domestic company specializing in clinical application of pharmacogenomics, a navigation enterprise in the field of individualized treatment in China and the leading Chinese member of PMC. Nearly 76 million yuan was invested in the establishment of the largest 10,000, 100,000 level of individual rational use of drug diagnostic reagents in vitro production workshop, the international standard molecular biology laboratory, DNA library, PCR laboratory, science and technology production, R&D platform, and has a number of talents in the fields of pharmacogenomics, molecular biology, clinical medicine, clinical laboratory medicine, genetics and other multi-disciplinary high-end R&D as a solid foundation.


  As a member of the Presidium of Health Big Data Industry Alliance, Sanji Bio will focus on research and practical application of personalized medicine clinical collaboration in the field of precision medicine, to promote the further development of health big data. At the same time, Sanji Bio will be committed to serving patients, doctors, hospitals, making a positive contribution to the development of the personalized medicine cause and the health industry!