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Chinese Premier Visits Wuhan Union Hospital and Union-Sanji Personalized Medicine Gene Detection Laboratory

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     To overcome the difficult relationship between cancer and other families, it is a major livelihood hope. On 12 December 2017, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Wuhan Union Hospital and called on children with leukemia and their volunteers. Premier Li Keqiang talked with doctors about the progress of research on major diseases and also called for more policy support to solve the key problem.


  Premier Li Keqiang asked about the shortage of medicines and chemical reagents. He said, we can lack anything except the life-saving medicines. He pointed that policies and mechanisms should be perfected to ensure stable supplies of urgently needed drugs such as orphan medicine. We need to enlarge the range of critical illness insurance and reduce patients’ pains and worries.


  Premier Li Keqiang said, through gene detection, you can test to see whether this medicine could be used or not. He kindly asked the first-line medical staff how gene detection guided individualized medication and highly appraised the medical workers.


  The medical staff excitedly briefed Premier Li Keqiang on the joint laboratory of gene detection for the purpose of guiding individualized use of pharmacogenomics and providing comprehensive and accurate medical services to hospitals, doctors and patients. The Joint Laboratory of Wuhan Union Hospital and Sanji Bio-technology became the focus of attention. The laboratory was established in October 2011 by Changsha Sanyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NKY medical group, and the Cooperation Agreement on Genetics and Pharmacology Laboratory for Individualized Drugs was signed with Sanji Bio-technology and Wuhan Union Hospital.

  Sanji Bio-technology is a domestic company specializing in clinical application of pharmacogenomics, a navigation enterprise in the field of individualized treatment in China and the leading Chinese member of PMC. Nearly 76 million yuan was invested in the establishment of the largest 10,000, 100,000 level of individual rational use of drug diagnostic reagents in vitro production workshop, the international standard molecular biology laboratory, DNA library, PCR laboratory, science and technology production, R&D platform, and has a number of talents in the fields of pharmacogenomics, molecular biology, clinical medicine, clinical laboratory medicine, genetics and other multi-disciplinary high-end R&D as a solid foundation.

  The visit and condolence delivered by Premier Li Keqiang brought tremendous encouragement to medical workers, allowing us to strengthen our conviction and make positive contributions to the development of the medical and health industry!