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BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. is referred to as NKY (Stock code: 300109). Currently under the Group, domestic subsidiaries are as following: BOAI NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; Wuhan Heer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.; Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Boai NKY Internationals Ltd.; BOAI NKY Biological Technology Co., Ltd.; BeiJing NKY Precision Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.; Tianjin YaRez Medical Technology Co.,Ltd; Wuhan Heer Clinical Laboratory Co., Ltd.; Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.; Tian Cheng Run Tai (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.; Changsha Sanji Medical Diagnostics; Beijing NKY Precision Medicine Management & Consultant Service Co., Ltd.; Hangzhou Sanji Biotech Co., Ltd. In recent years, the Group has also expanded its overseas business network and established subsidiaries including: NKY Biotech US, Inc.; BOAI NKY Chemicals GmbH (Germany); NKY Sweden AB; and Godo NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Japan).

The company’s key business comprises precision medicine and fine chemicals. Precision medicine covers pre-cancerous screening, which is based on gene sequencing as the main technology platform, molecular diagnosis of women's disease, personalized medical services, etc. In addition, the fine chemicals business area offers products such as PVP series, PVM/MA copolymer series, and oral-care related series.

Part of Subsidiaries Profile

BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd.

BOAINKYMedical Holdings Ltd.  BoaiNKYMedical Holdings Ltd.istheleadingChinesehigh-techspecialtychemicalcompanyfocusedonthedevelopmentandmanufactureofPVPseries.Thecompanycommitstotheproductionoftech

Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd.


Wuhan Heer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

WuhanHeerMedicalTechnologyDevelopmentCo.,Ltd.  CompanyProfile:  WuhanHeerMedicalTechnologyDevelopmentCo.,Ltd.wasfoundedin2006(hereinafterreferredtoasHeerMedical),andithasbecomeawhollyownedsubsidiaryof

Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

CompanyProfile  JingnengBiotechnology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.("JingnengBio")isawholly-ownedsubsidiaryofBoaiNewKaiyuanPharmaceuticalCo.,Ltd.(stockcode:300109),whichisaresearchanddevelopmentandapplicationofme

Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.

Introduction:  ●Founded:November22,2012.  ●Registeredcapital:5millionyuan.  ●JoinedFraternityNewOpenSourceMedicalTechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd.inSeptember2016withstockcode:300109.  ●Thecompanyislocatedat:2nd
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