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NeoNavia Biospy System Breast Cancer Biopsy Technique

NeoNavia Biospy System Breast Cancer Biopsy Technique

Product description

NeoDynamics AB (formerly called Navigation Dynamics AB) was founded in 2015. Its predecessor was founded in 2004 and its headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Focusing on improving the accuracy of breast cancer detection through the optimization of detection techniques, NeoDynamics AB is a cancer diagnosis enterprise to reduce the pain of patient detection. The company’s core technology was developed by several famous professors at Karolinska Institute in Sweden.



The company has obtained many patents since it was established. The scientific research team of the company has published research results in many academic journals, which has gained universal recognition from experts and scholars in the industry. Based on years of technology accumulation, the company has developed NeoNavia Biospy System (NeoNavia breast cancer biopsy system). The difficulties of current breast cancer biopsy techniques and the advantages of NeoNavia Biospy System are as follows:



Today it is generally accepted that the final diagnosis of breast malignancy suspicious lesions has to be confirmed using percutaneous biopsy techniques. Currently the most common biopsy cells and tissue sampling method is Core Needle Biopsy (hereinafter referred as CNB). CNB use the puncture needle with spring installation. However, the puncture needle is too long and moves too fast, so that even with the help of auxiliary imaging instrument, it still could not reach the suspected lesion location. Doctors usually increase living tissue sampling volume or use the bigger size of needle to overcome above weakness, which will increase the suffering of patients and also leads to more blood loss. On the other hand, with the increasing demand for personalized adjuvant therapy, more biomarkers need to be detected in biopsies, which further improves the accuracy of biopsy. NeoNavia Biospy System has the core technology to securely solve the above difficulties:

1) NeoNavia Biospy System is equipped with Fourier Micro-pulse Technology to solve the problem of hard location. Its advantages are as follows:

● Help the sampling needle to move accurately in the suspicious lesion.

● Human Enhancement Technology help doctors accurately put sampling needle or treatment electrodes at any location of human body.

2) In view of the large size of biopsy needle and endoscopic equipment as well as too many biopsy samples to increase the pain of patients, NeoNavia Biospy System adopted Cytotest professional puncture technology, which has passed the European Union CE Certification in the end of 2015. Its advantage is as follows:

● Ensure the most reasonable sampling amount of biopsy.

3) The current biopsy technology could not sterilize the biopsy needle, so that there is a potential risk of disseminating cancer cells. NeoNavia Biospy System has adopted the world's unique anti-vaccination technology. Its advantages is as follows:

● The heating needle and guideway with radiofrequency pulse could reduce the risk of disseminating cancer cells during biopsy sampling.

The first phase of clinical research of NeoNavia Biospy System has been completed, and obtained the European Union quality and safety CE certification in July 2016 (Certification Number: 41319283). The second phase of clinical trials is now being conducted in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition to breast cancer, NeoNavia Biospy System will also expand in biopsies for other cancers, such as lympha cancer and prostate cancer.

Chinese Market Development Plan:

As the largest shareholder of NeoDynamics, NKY Medical Group will be exclusively responsible for introducing the NeoNavia Biospy System to China and its market development in the future.

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