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Genomics research services


Genomics research services

Product description

  Genomics Research Services: Genomics is a discipline that studies the genomes of organisms and how to use them. The research objects are DNA, proteins and so on. The new open source of precision medical crystal crystal bio has a leading domestic high-throughput sequencing capabilities, for different fields of genomics research, for disease health, agricultural breeding, microbiology and other fields of research to provide a range of technical services, at present, crystal BioCan provide clients with the following genome-level research services:

  Whole genome re-sequencing

  ● Whole exome capture and sequencing

  ● Target sequence capture sequencing

  ● Simplify genome sequencing

  Whole genome sequencing of new species

  Metagenomic sequencing

  Human Genome SNP Chip Services

  ● plant and animal genome-wide SNP chip service

  Transcriptome Hierarchy Research Services: Transcriptomics

  Is a study of cells in the overall level

  There are disciplines of regulation of gene transcription and transcription

  Its research objects include mRNA and non-coding RNA.

  Using a new generation of high-throughput sequencing technologies, Crystalline Biology can obtain sequence information and expression information of a specific cell or tissue transcript in a certain state in an all-round way so as to accurately analyze differences in gene expression, genetic structure variation, screening of molecular markers (SNPs) and other life sciences At present, crystal energy organisms can provide the following hierarchy of transcriptome research services:

  Pattern biotranscriptome sequencing

  Chain-specific transcriptome sequencing

  ● Long-chain non-coding RNA, circular RNA, small RNA sequencing

  New species transcriptome sequencing

  New species normalized cDNA library sequencing

  ● Gene Expression Chip Services

  ● Small RNA chip service

  Epigenetics Research Services: Epigenetics refers to the gene expression regulation and inheritable changes of traits in the absence of changes in the genomic DNA sequence, including DNA methylation and histone modification two class.

  Based on a new generation of high-throughput sequencing platform and combined with epigenetic research methods, crystal energy biology can carry out gene regulation mechanism research at genome-wide level. At present, crystal energy can provide the following epigenetic research services:

  ● Whole genome, restriction enzyme digestion, antibody enrichment, mRNA, targeted capture and other methylation sequencing

  ● chromatin, RNA binding protein, UV cross-linked immunoprecipitation sequencing

  Human DNA methylation chip service

  Single-molecule optical profiling services: High-throughput sequencing can yield large amounts of sequencing data, but structural changes across the entire genome can not be visualized due to the short read length and are limited by the complexity of the genome (repetitive sequences and structural variations) The reconstruction of the genome and the understanding of functional originals.

  Crystallites BioNano's Irys system enables long-chain DNA single molecule imaging to provide a more complete genomic optical profile in less time, addressing the impact of repetitive and variable domains on research.

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