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Pathogenic genetic testing services


Pathogenic genetic testing services

Product description

  Gene is a functional fragment of DNA molecule, is the basic unit of genetic information, is the most basic factor that determines all biological species; gene determines the person's life and death, is the manipulator and regulator of life.

  The mutation of the disease gene indicates that the corresponding disease may occur. The detection of a disease gene can screen out the possible pathogenic genes, understand the principle of the disease, obtain the information of the drug action, and put forward the corresponding treatment plan. Disease gene testing in clinical has important significance, the main performance is as follows:

  (A) diagnosis of auxiliary diseases;

  (B) cognitive disease, to help doctors establish a reasonable treatment bill;

  (C) play a role in reminding people of a kinship related family members.

  Disease genetic testing is a new open source precision medical crystal bio-energy-using high-throughput sequencing technology platform and a powerful information analysis system for sequencing and analysis of a disease-related genes to provide services, disease gene sequencing services can help subjects to understand themselves Pathogenic gene information, understand the occurrence and development of the disease, to assist doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

  The diseases covered by our pathogenic genetic testing services include: cancer diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, immune and metabolic diseases, nervous system diseases, mental and mental diseases, liver diseases, kidney diseases and blood diseases.

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