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Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.


Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.

Introduction:  ●Founded:November22,2012.  ●Registeredcapital:5millionyuan.  ●JoinedFraternityNewOpenSourceMedicalTechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd.inSeptember2016withstockcode:300109.  ●Thecompanyislocatedat:2nd
Product description

  Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.

  1. Company Profile

  Founded Date: Nov 22, 2012.

  Registered Capital: 5 million yuan.

  September 2016: It became the subsidiary of BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. (Stock code: 300109).

  Company Location: Floor 2, Block B, No. 10 Building, Xinxing chanye fang, No.78 Xinglin Street, Suzhou Industrial Park. It has plant area of 2200 square meters.

  Main Business Areas: the company has been devoted to providing life science devices, medical instruments and molecular laboratory instruments. By integrating functions of R&D, design, production, sales and services, it has advanced production facilities, management concepts and excellent corporate culture. Especially in areas of PCR instrument, the company has a professional team with 20 years’ experiences, the pioneer of designing and producing semiconductor technology PCR instruments in China.

  Since 2013, as one of company’s main products, ETC811 PCR instrument has been widely praised by many users in both quality and service aspects. It is one of the leading domestic brands of molecular biology laboratory. The product has been applied in various areas such as clinical diagnosis, research teaching, sequencing services and gene synthesis.

  Since 2016, the company has cooperated with Zhejiang University Analytical Instrument Research Center and Southeast University Bio Electronics State Key Laboratory to develop high-end molecular detection and diagnostic instruments such as digital PCR instruments, gene chip. Our objective is: focusing on gene detection and provide outstanding services on precision medicine."

  Brand: Dong Shenglong (domestic), EASTWIN (at abroad)


  2. Qualifications and Certificates

  2014: granted the award for “National High-tech Enterprise”.

  2014: certified under ISO9001/ISO13485 quality system (certified by TUV SD).

  2014: obtained the Medical Device Production License (No.6840, Class II).

  2014: ETC811 awarded the certification of Jiangsu Province High-tech Products.

  2015: PCR instrument (type: ETC811) awarded the Medical Device Registration Certificate (Class II, No. 20152400297)

  3. Intellectual Property Rights: (No. of related patents/certificates acquired)

  Invention patent: (3)

  Utility model patent certificate: (10)

  Computer software copyright registration certificate: (6)

  Product Appearance Design patent: (2)

  4. Company History

  The company was founded in 2012.

  In 2013, ETC811 PCR Thermocycler was initially introduced to the market.

  February 2014: awarded certification of ISO9001/13485 from TUV SD.

  April 2014: obtained Medical device production license (No.6840).

  August 2014: awarded the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”.

  April 2015: ETC811 PCR instrument awarded Medical Device Registration Certificate (Class II, No. 20152400297)

  September 2016: the company became a subsidiary of BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. (Stock code: 300109)

  5. Company Culture

  Mission: focus on gene detection and offer top services on precision medicine.

  Operation philosophy: continuous improvement, pay attention to details

  Employment concept: respect, trust, cultivation, suitability.

  R&D Concept: the idea determines methods. Details determine success or failure.

  Production Concept: not using inferior material for compromise of quality, keep efficiency and try to avoid rework.

  Concept of Quality: comments from our client is very important. We aim to offer top quality product and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

  6. Main Products


  6.1 Introduction of ETC811 PCR instrument:

  PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a technique of in vitro enzyme used to form a specific segment of DNA, which involves cycles of repeated heating and cooling, extension under suitable temperature, exponentially amplifying a “target" DNA sequence. PCR has a lot of advantages. It is fairly simple to use, strongly specific, highly sensitive and time-saving. PCR instrument is a platform enables DNA to rapidly amplify. Through utilizing semiconductor refrigeration technique, it realizes fast, accurate and automatic cycling, therefore achieving full automation in PCR's amplification process. It can be used in genes isolation, cloning, nucleic acid sequencing as well as clinical diagnosis of diseases.

  (1) Chinese name:PCR instrument

  (2) English name: Thermal Cycler

  (3) Model: ETC811

  (4) Design idea: Attention to details is crucial to success

  (5) Features:

  Active inhibition of non-specific amplification.

  Active inhibition of small system reagent evaporation.

  Perfect constant rate temperature change.

  Gradient PCR simultaneous to temperature.

  6.2 Introduction of Electronic Ice Box:


  As an essential device of molecular biology laboratory, the electronic ice box is the ancillary instrument of PCR. By implementing technique of semiconductor refrigeration, the temperature will be automatically 4℃ after startup without any setting and adjustment. It is used for temporary storage of reagent and related configuration process, as well as reagent operating platform. Modules can be changed to adapt to different test tubes. Taking place of traditional ice machine, ice cubes, ice bags and ice boxes, this product is not only clean and hygienic, but also very convenient to use.

  (1) Chinese name: Electronic Ice Box

  (2) English name: Ice Box

  (3) Model: eICE-4

  (4) Design Idea: It is 4℃.

  (5) Features:

  After startup , the temperature is automatically 4℃

  Modules can be changed.

  6.3 Introduction of Blue Light Gel Imager


  It is the follow-up device of PCR instrument, and also one of the necessary instruments of molecular laboratory. Used for observation and glue cutting of Gel electrophoresis experiment, it will take place of traditional ultraviolet transmission. The technology of LED blue light excitation, which to a great extent, can protect experimenter’s eyes, face and hands and other easily exposed parts from being hurt by the ultraviolet rays.

  (1) Chinese name:Blue Light Gel Imager.

  (2) English name: Transilluminator.

  (3) Model: eBL-100

  (4) Design idea: To see clearly, and cut precisely.

  (5) Features:

  High brightness, high definition and high sensitivity.

  144 pieces of Long life LED array.

  Blue light source with little harm.

  Suitable for various dyes.

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