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Tianjin YaRez Medical Technology Co., Ltd


Tianjin YaRez Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Product description


  Tianjin YaRez Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of NKY, The registered capital is 10 million yuan.


  The company is situated in Huading Zhidi, No.1 Huakesan Rd, Huayuan Haitai Hi-tech District, Tianjin, China. D-grade purification workshop is established for manufacturing denture adhesive. B-grade microbial cleaning test room is used for microbial limit detection and control bacteria test, and the standard testing laboratory is set up to test various criteria, regulated by 2015 edition of Medicine Dictionary.


  The company’s key business areas comprise denture adhesive, denture cleaning tablets(in vitro contact), production and sales of oral care materials such as mouth wash. Since the denture adhesive project went into operation, the capacity has been 5 million annually.


  The company’s team consists of high-caliber staff in production and management level. The primary business operation focuses on health care area which include manufacturing and developing a series of oral care products for the elderly, furthermore to improve the comfort and convenience for them, therefore raises their sense of happiness.


Paste automatic filling machine

D-class purification plant

Tableting machine



  Introduction of YaRez denture adhesive


  Tianjin YaRez Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise with D-grade purification workshop and C-grade microbial cleaning test room. Now, automatic adhesive production equipment, automatic filling machine has been installed. YaRez’s main product are denture adhesive and denture cleaning tablet.


  Denture Adhesive


Figure 1 YaRez denture solid substance physical map


  Denture adhesive is mainly oriented to elder people who wear full denture or half mouth denture. Take Tianjin for example, till to the end of 2015, the population of 60 years old people is 2.3037 million, accounted for 22.43% of total population of Tianjin. The population of 65 years old people is 1.4693 million. The population of 80 years old people is 0.3341 million.

  Six problems who put on denture:

  ——Denture joint is not tight, loose when talk, slurred speech, thus the person is less inclined to talk gradually, may become unsociable and eccentric later on.

  ——High cost of repairing or changing new denture.

  ——Frequent gum pain, sometimes even canker.

  ——When eating, especially when eating sticky food, there could be separation of denture and gum.

  ——Crumbs of food fall between the denture and gums, and sharp debris can also damage gums and cause bleeding.

  ——if food crumbs come between the denture and the gums, affecting eating, and sometimes cleaning up on the spot. It's very unsightly when eating with others.

  The product could provide solutions to above problems:

  1. Intended use: Denture adhesive has the effect of cohesion; therefore it can make the denture and gums more fit; Denture adhesive can form a cushion between the denture and gum, lower tissue stimulation of denture and enhance the bite force.

  2. Main functions: make the denture and gum more fit and firm, prevent the food from entering, reduce the irritation of the denture to the gums, and increase the bite force.

  3. Safety requirements: Denture stabilizing agents are safe and free of irritation for consumers and related employees. There is no prohibited or restricted ingredient in denture stabilizer components and all components meet the food grade standards.

  4. Biological performance requirements: according to the medical instrument biological evaluation flow chart, biological performance evaluation of the product "oral biological materials", and meet the requirements of GB/T16886.1-ISO0993-1 standards

  5. Usage Method:

  · Before using, clean Denture, keep the surface wet.

  · As shown, put a small amount of denture adhesive on the denture.

  · Gargle with water and put the denture in place.

  · Bite the dentures together for a few seconds.


Figure 2 Yaritari denture solid substance physical map



  6. Comparison with commercial products.

  According to ISO10873-2010, YY1280-2015 standard method, an adhesive force comparison test has been run between commercial denture adhesive G and YaRez denture adhesive.

  In 1 min hydration test process, the adhesive force is similar between commercial denture adhesive G and YaRez denture adhesive.

  In 10 min hydration test process, the adhesive force of YaRez denture adhesive is better than commercial denture adhesive G, this illustrates that after sufficient hydration the adhesive force between denture and gum of YaRez denture adhesive is obviously stronger.

Figure 3 1min hydration time, adhesion strength test comparison



Figure 4 10min hydration time, adhesion strength test comparison


  In order to better compare the adhesive properties of YaRez and other commercially available products in the market, we have run a cycle occlusion simulation test on YaRez denture adhesive, commercial available adhesive G and commercial available adhesive P. The results show that after two circles running, YaRez denture adhesive could achieve the same adhesive force as commercial available products did. After third circle running, the adhesive force of YaRez is much better than commercial available products did. Above results illustrates that YaRez denture adhesive possess more durable adhesive force.


  Figure 5 Yarui Zi denture stabilizer compared with the commercially available products


  7. Frequently Asked Questions:


  Q: Is Yarez Denture Adhesive Safe?


  A: The ingredients of Yarez denture adhesive are all pharmaceutical grade or food grade, and finished denture adhesive toxicology has been checked by testing organization authorized by CFDA. There may be a little oozing of denture adhesive when the denture is first fitted swallowing a little of the cream has no harmful effects.


  Q: How much denture adhesive should I use?


  A: For the first time, please follow usage method. Take a pea sized piece of denture adhesive and avoid to using too much. If you use too much cream will ooze from the place between the Denture and the gum.


  Q: How long will my denture hold in place?


  A: Generally speaking, 8-12 hours.


  Q: How long will a tube of denture adhesive last?


  A: a 75g tube of denture adhesive could last for 1.5-2.0 months and 45g tube could last for 1 Month if used once daily. If you need to use the cream several times in one day, please consult your dentist.


  Q: When using denture adhesive in daily life, what we should pay attention to?


  A: Denture adhesive’s effective ingredients are all water-soluble materials. Its adhesive force will be reduced when we drink hot water, hot tea and hot soup. So when we do, it will reduce the length of time when denture adhesive is effective.


  8. Precautions:


  1) Keep the tube and cap dry to avoid the denture adhesive solidifying.


  2) Be sure to remove and clean the dentures every night. Do not wear your dentures when sleeping.


  3) When using the cream, if you see a small amount of oil in the cream, this does not affect the performance of the cream.


  4) No harm will be caused if you swallow a small amount of the cream.


  5) To remove the denture, firstly gargle with warm water, then gently rock the denture’s edge from the Gum.


  6) We recommend that you use YaRez denture cleaning tablets to clean the dentures thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth causing bad breath and other oral health problems.


  7) Clean with clear water before wearing denture every day.


  8) If someone has difficulty in reading instructions, please use under the guidance of a doctor or family member.


  9) Keep out of children’s reach.


  10) Suggested use is once a day. If you need to use several times a day, please consult your dentist.

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