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Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd.


Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

Product description


  Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, with registered capital is 50 million, and total capital is 108 million. Under BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd (stock code:300109) domestically, the company is the only one assisting hospitals to establish a comprehensive service platform of precision medical gene detection project (hospital molecular diagnosis / precision medical laboratory), and it is also an emerging biotechnology enterprise specializing on medicine associated with popularization of clinical application. It integrates areas of diagnostic reagents, R & D of devices, production, sales and medical inspection services. In addition, the company owns Sanji Medical Diagnostics, which is a national statutory third party independent testing institution.

  • Changsha Sanji Bio-technology Co., Ltd invested 76 million to establish in vitro molecular diagnostic reagent production workshop, the largest domestically, molecular biology laboratory and DNA Library in line with international standards. The company owns high throughput sequencing that include PCR、ARMS-PCR,PCR, digital PCR, Fish, Sanger sequence, Pyrosequencing, and Illumina HiSeq3000. Besides, it also has a number of high-end detection technology platforms such as BioNano single molecule optical atlas platform, high throughput chip platform, analysis of DNA karyotype of cervical cancer. It also developed the PNA technology platform, with proprietary intellectual property rights. The company has been awarded with 13 invention patents and 13 software copyrights.

  • 2011: joined International individualized medical Union(PMC), the first Chinese member.

  • 2014: awarded with the Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprise.

  • Aug 2015: successfully acquired Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.

  • 2015: became a subsidiary of BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd.

  • 2016: collaborating with Peking University, the company received approval of key specialized program on national precision medicine research and set up comprehensive evaluation system of precision drug use in China, clinical guide, application regulations/standards, gene database, as well as detection equipments.





Technology platforms: Clinical Testing Platform













1. The gold standard sequencing platform (Pyrosequencing, Sanger sequencing)

This platform can realize: detection of gene SNP, somatic mutation, and virus.

• Sanger sequencing: The classic first-generation sequencing method for DNA sequence analysis which can directly obtain DNA sequence. With this method, new variable sites could be discovered, however, the disadvantage is that the operation is relatively slow and low flux.

• Pyrosequencing: it is an upgrade version of a generation of sequencing, and with this method, gene sequence can be directly read from the instrument window. This method has a fast speed, high sensitivity, good reproducibility, and high flux. Current as one of the mainstream sequencing platforms, it can realize the detection of quantitative methylation in genetics.


2. BD MAX One step approach-automatic analysis of gene detection platform

This platform can realize detection of: gene SNP, somatic mutation, virus and near mutation of microorganism. With this method, by merely adding samples, both nucleic acid extraction and amplification can be completed automatically in one-stop. The advantages of this method are: a high degree of automation, simple to operate, fast speed of detection, as all as high flux, and not necessary to authenticate via PCR laboratory.


3. Fluorescent PCR Platform(RT-qPCR、HRM、ARMS)

It can realize: detection of gene expression level, gene SNP, and somatic mutation. This platform has three approaches, which comprise of: RT-qPCR,HRM,and ARMS.


4. Fish Platform:

This method can realize: detection of gene abnormal amplification and fusion gene.


5: NGS (high throughput sequencing) Platform:

It can realize: Risk prediction, and prenatal screening of tumor and chronic disease.



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