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Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

CompanyProfile  JingnengBiotechnology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.("JingnengBio")isawholly-ownedsubsidiaryofBoaiNewKaiyuanPharmaceuticalCo.,Ltd.(stockcode:300109),whichisaresearchanddevelopmentandapplicationofme
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  Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. (Stock code: 300109), which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in medical treatment, health care, technological development and application of scientific services. Genergy Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is hereby referred to as Genergy Biology.

  Genergy Biology has the most advanced high-throughput sequencing, gene chip, single molecule optical mapping bioinformatics as well as molecular biology technology platform. In 2012 and 2013, the company became the Illumina CsPro and the BioNano CsPro Official Certified Service Provider respectively. Additionally, it has received certification of ISO9001:2008 international quality system and the national 3A enterprise credit. Furthermore, the company joined Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform and was awarded as Shanghai high-tech enterprise. During the previous years, Genergy Biology has been granted more than 10 invention patents and software copyrights.

  The company has successfully completed more than 2000 scientific research service projects, and also assisted the clients in publishing about 90 articles, having quite an important position and influence in the industry over the decades.

  With the rapid development of health industry, Genergy Biology is making considerable efforts to continuously improve itself to provide better solutions, and quite importantly, it has established “Genergy Innovative Medical Health Studies Center”. The corporation’s R&D team consists of top experts from home and abroad. Guided by precision medicine and gene detection, Genergy Biology is committed to further developing clinical products related to tumor and genetic diseases. The company has been always dedicated to providing premier services to the customers, and perform professionally to be a leading firm in the medical heath and scientific service field.

  Genergy Biology Technology Platform and Related Services (Part One)

  BioNano irys (Single-molecule Optical Profiling Platform)

  Under the application of NGS method, a large amount of sequencing data can be obtained, however the disadvantage is that because of the relatively shorter reading length, the structural change of whole genome-scale could not be easily seen. Besides, due to the complexity of the genome, there will be limited understanding of genome reconstruction and functional original, thus an alternative method is needed especially for situations for the longer reading length. The irys system, developed by BioNano, can realize conduct imaging for long chain DNA single molecule, and more complete genome optical mapping can be presented using less time.

  IIIumina iScan Chip Scanner

  Full automatic laser confocal biochip detection system(iScan), which is equipped with two types of laser light source, reaching extremely high resolution ratio through confocal scanning. With simple settings, it will be more convenient for the experimenter to read information of 96 pieces chips once.

  IIIumina Hiseq3000-High Throughput Sequencing Platform

  The brand new IIIumina Hiseq3000 system sets an entirely new standard for the production level sequencing capability. Based on the well-developed Hiseq2500 system, this new system has demonstrated its unique strength in both speed and capability. In addition, it provides the lowest price for each sample, which is suitable for general application.

  Genergy Biology Technology Platform and Related Services (Part Two)

  Illumina ECO Real-Time PCR Platform

  IIIumina ECO Real-Time PCR technology refers to adding fluorophore in the PCR reaction system, monitoring whole PCR process by using the fluorescence signal, ultimately implementing the quantitative analysis of unknown templates via standard curve. In the process of PCR amplification reaction, variation of each cyclic amplification volume can be detected utilizing change in fluorescence signal. quantitative analysis is conducted by analyzing Ct values and standard curves, then the PCR reaction amplification efficiency could reach above 90%, which means a more reliable result.

  Sequenom-Mass Spectrometry Platform

  The molecular weight of array technology, which is introduced by Sequenom, is advanced gene analysis tool worldwide. By means of primer extension or cutting reaction, and combining with reliable MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometric technique, the purpose is to realize the methylation detection of DNA and genotyping.

  Genergy Biology Technology Platform and Related Services (Part Three)

  10X Chromium -Whole Genome Coding System

  Chromium system is the latest product of 10X Genomics. Comparing to GemCode, the current system is more advanced than before, because the number of micro-reaction systems raised to one million, and label quantity of four million. This system is able to integrate the three applications into one system comprising genome, exon and single cell transcriptome analysis simultaneously. In particular, the Linked Reads technology, Mb sequencing length and high throughput single cell transcriptome sequencing at extremely low cost.

  Based on this technological platform, at least four clinical services can be provided as following:

  1. Jingshenkang Nervous System- genetic disease gene testing

  By capturing target area and high-throughput sequencing, 873 genes relating to 929 types of hereditary neurological disease will be tested. The sequencing results are to be compared with HG19(UCSC), and proceed information analysis and decoding for abnormal points.

  2. Jinghuikang- gene detection

  This product is specially designed for Chinese population. by testing whether the High penetrance gene carries diseases or susceptible gene position points, it is possible to evaluate critical disease risks including tumor, cardiovascular system, immune system and nervous system, therefore providing scientific guidance for health management.

  3. Jingyikang- genetics nephropathy etiology gene detection

  This product is focusing on sequencing and analysis services for various hereditary nephrosis related genes and position points.

  4. Jingweitai- tumor gene detection

  This product is focusing on sequencing and analysis services for 20 types of tumor-related genes and position points, such as ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer.

  Corporate Vision:

  Core Value: Customer satisfaction, top-quality service, excellent cooperation, innovation and persistence.

  Mission: is committed to improving human health worldwide.




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