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Wuhan Heer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Wuhan Heer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

WuhanHeerMedicalTechnologyDevelopmentCo.,Ltd.  CompanyProfile:  WuhanHeerMedicalTechnologyDevelopmentCo.,Ltd.wasfoundedin2006(hereinafterreferredtoasHeerMedical),andithasbecomeawhollyownedsubsidiaryof
Product description


  Company Profile:

  Wuhan Heer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 (hereinafter referred to as Heer Medical), and it has become a wholly owned subsidiary of BOAI NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Stock code: 300109). As a high-tech enterprise with self-innovation capability, Heer Medical mainly focuses on R&D, production, sales and services of cutting-edge medical technology products. The registered office of the company is in Xin Center, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone Optical Valley, Wuhan.

  The company has independent R&D center, standard production workshop, assembly workshop, instrument testing center and related standard laboratory as well as examination instruments. Additionally, we are committed to become an integrated service provider not only in providing early tumor diagnostic equipment, the necessary software and reagent, but also in offering a range of value-added services covering technical support, staff training as well as equipment maintenance.

  Product Portfolio:

  At Heer, the main products consist of “Full-automatic DNA Quantified Analysis System” (its original name: SPICM-DNA Full-automatic Cell Tumor Screening System), “Liquid based Thin-layer Cell Preparation Machine”, “Automatic Dyeing Machine”, and the essential testing reagent series. In particular, our core product “Full-automatic DNA Quantified Analysis System” is the early detection system of precancerous lesions, which fulfills the world-leading standards.

  The “Full-automatic DNA Quantified Analysis System” is independently developed by the company, with proprietary intellectual property rights. This testing approach is based on quantitative analysis technique of cell DNA ploidy.

  With application of the CCD spectral imaging technique, characterized by the highest resolution and fastest imaging worldwide, the full-field scanning of the cells can be conducted on the slide within 3 minutes, and the DNA content can also be calculated according to 196 related parameters which are tested from each nucleus. Therefore, it is much easier to diagnose the precancerous lesion cell, thus ultimately providing precaution for people who are the highest-risk group of cervical cancer.

  The tasks such as scanning calculation, categorizing analysis and completion of reports are all completed by computers, making sure to obtain the objective diagnosis results, and meanwhile this could greatly help reduce the physical exertion of cytology doctor. It is undoubtedly an ideal solution for national scheme of “Screening Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer for Women”.

  Clinical Significance of this Technology:

  1. The unusual changes in DNA content of precancerous lesion cell can be discovered. Moreover, thus ultimately providing precaution for people who are the highest-risk group of cervical cancer.

  2. On the premise of correctly sampling and normal procedure, this system demonstrates its powerful functionality of the full-field scanning, the image data analysis and processing, and then there will be improved economic effect for the hospital, reduced risk of treatment, and better outcomes in terms of diagnostics.

  3. The positive result of DNA quantitative test is not the “gold standard” of the malignant tumor diagnose, however this can reasonably guide the resources of pathologic diagnosis, hence it is possible to confirm the diagnosis regarding a few high-risk samples, which will relieve pain for patients during the sampling procedure, and meanwhile it could greatly help reduce the fatigue degree of cytology doctors.

  Product Advantages:

  1. Objectiveness: to avoid the error occurred in the diagnosis process. The tasks such as scanning calculation, categorizing analysis and the completion of reports are all completed by computers, making sure to obtain the objective and true diagnosis results.

  2. Accuracy: the sensitiveness of the test exceeds above 99%, and specificity exceeds over 80%, the full-field scanning of all of the cells can be conducted, so that lower the rate of missed diagnosis.

  3. Quantitative detection: Measure the DNA index of each cell comprehensively, and the measurement is accurate to 3 digits after the decimal point, so as to reduce the possibility of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis to the greatest extent.

  4. Expansiveness: this system is able to proceed examination and diagnosis of cervical exfoliative cells. In addition, it is suitable for quantitative analysis and diagnosis of DNA Ploidy with respect to hydrothorax and ascites, sputum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc. it has a wide range of application.

  The Features of the Products:

  1. Automatic image scanning: automatic full-field scanning, focusing, real-time collection and storage.

  2. Automatic image processing: conduct dynamic gray level processing for the displayed images, and select 33 out of 125 parameters by means of genetic algorithm, and then classify the cells automatically.

  3. Positioning review: automatic positioning is executed to facilitate the relevant revision manually.

  4. High-efficiency continuous work: the system can operate non-stop for 24 hours, achieve 20/per hour.

  Clinical Value:

  1. Diagnosis of Cervical cancer and precancerous lesions.

  2. Malignancy assessment of cervical cancer.

  3. Prediction of the development trend of Uterine diseases.

  4. To make up for shortcomings in diagnosis of cellular pathological morphology.

  Heer Medical - The Minimal Invasive Breast Cancer Biopsy System:

  Since July 2016, NKY has become the largest shareholder of NeoDynamics AB, which is a privately owned Swedish medical technology company based on research conducted at the renowned Karolinska Institute. NeoDynamics has been committed to developing Tumor diagnostic equipment, and it currently developed the NeoNavia biopsy system, for which the company has received CE approval.

  In comparison to the current methods used worldwide, the NeoNavia biopsy system is an advanced approach as it has features of high precision, short time, small trauma and painless. Specifically, the system optimizes techniques of CNB and VAB, the bigger catheter is no longer needed, and the length of puncturing can be freely selected. The system itself comes with microwave pulse technology, to ensure that the process of puncture insertion is not only safe but also controllable. When the doctors press the key of microwave pulse, the sampling needle inserts into diseased tissue in short distance (moving units in millimeters), and with strong power. In this process, doctor can control the degree of inserting by using microwave pulse control. During the sampling procedure, microwave pulse pushes the sampling needle to pass through the diseased tissue, until the sampling quantity to meet the requirements of testing and finally, the living tissue is obtained with this advanced technique.

  NeoDynamics has received CE approval for the NeoNavia biopsy system indicated for diagnostic use in the breast and in axillary lymph nodes. Recently, the late-stage clinical tests are undertaken in Sweden, Germany and UK simultaneously, and the system is expected to be on the market in 2019.

  Company Culture:

  Our mission: leading position in terms of science and technology, bring benefit to the mankind.

  ---based on the self-developed advanced technology, to fill the gaps in this field.

  Our vision: take care of your health and your family.

  Our values: hardworking, thrifty and perseverance, rigorous and pragmatic spirit.

  Our business philosophy: integrity

  Our core spirit: the spirit of persistence, entrepreneurship and keeping gratitude in mind. in particular, we should have a deep sense of responsibility and focus on our own work, be ready to face any difficulties or challenges to come, and we should be confident.

  Our Code of Conduct: teamwork and innovation.

  Heer Medical Brand History:

  May 2006: Heer Medical was established and registered in Donghu High-tech area, Wuhan.

  June 2015: China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the reconstruction approach undertaken by NKY,and this acquisition by NKY was made successfully (Stock code: 300109). NKY refers to BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd.

  July 2016: Heer Medical invested 17.75 million yuan, to cooperate with the renowned Karolinska Institute regarding the project of NeoNavia biopsy system.

  March 2017: 10 million yuan was invested and Wuhan Heer Clinical Laboratory Co., Ltd was established.

  May 2017: 40 million yuan has been invested to acquire the pyrosequencing technology as well as patent of Fisite Company.

  June 2017: The company invested 5 million Euros (Phase one), and the Liquid Screening for Breast Cancer Platform was set up with Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany. And it became the leading Chinese enterprise directly cooperated with this hospital.

  June 2017: The company’s own office building was successful completed and relocated in C3-16 Xin Center, Wuhan Optical Valley.

  August 2017: Aligning with the industrial new standard, Heer Medical renovated production line and storage site in C3-16 Xin Center, Wuhan Optical Valley.

  August 2017: Heer Medical purchased 20 apartments for employees.

  Company Employee Care

  Employee Compensation and Benefits:

  1. Working time: 7.5 hours per day, 5 days a week.

  2. Salaries and bonus: in addition to competitive salaries within the sector, Social Insurance, paid annual leave, and year-end bonus are also provided.

  3. Transport and living: staff enjoy lunch subsidy each weekday and free accommodation are available.

  4. Training: The company offers sound opportunities for career development and overseas learning opportunities.

  5. Rewards: excellent employee awards and talent recommendation award.

  6. Employee welfare: such as holiday gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts on employees’ birthday, year-end bonus.

  7. Creating work and life balance: company will organize sports or other types of team building activities, and particularly, interesting trips or sightseeing tours are organized at least twice a year.

     Free medical examination is offered to the staff once a year. Besides, in order to provide more learning opportunities for the employees, free recreational sports facilities and library materials are available.

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