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BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd.


BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd.

BOAINKYMedical Holdings Ltd.  BoaiNKYMedical Holdings Ltd.istheleadingChinesehigh-techspecialtychemicalcompanyfocusedonthedevelopmentandmanufactureofPVPseries.Thecompanycommitstotheproductionoftech
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  Boai NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. is the leading Chinese high-tech specialty chemical company focused on the development and manufacture of PVP series. The company commits to the production of technological innovation, improving the level of automation, perfecting industrial structure and expanding production scale as well as improving product quality in the long-term. In recent years, NKY is the biggest supplier of PVP products in China, the 3rd largest globally. The company was established in 2003 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM (stock code:300109) in 2010. Company’s registered capital was 170.48 million yuan, with total assets of 1.33151 billion yuan, of which 262.1 million yuan in fixed assets. There are a total of 350 employees, 94 employees were college education or above, 45 employees belongs to technology research and development staff. In 2016, it achieved a sales income of 263 million yuan and a profit of 90.67 million yuan. In August 2017, it was rated as high-tech enterprise in Jiaozuo City. In April 2013, the company built a new production plant with a building area of ​​50,000 square meters in Industrial Agglomeration Zone of Boai County which covers an area of ​​208 mu, making the PVP and PVM / MA both functional polymer product series realize the integrated production. It has 12,000 tonnes / year GBL production system, 12,000 tonnes / year 2-pyrrolidone production system, 10,000 tonnes / year NVP production system, 2500 tonnes / year PVM / MA copolymer production system, 2,000 tonnes / year vinyl ether plant and 6,000 tonnes / a PVP (to be expanded to 12,000 tonnes / year) polymer production system. At present, the main products are: GBL, 2-pyrrolidone, NVP monomer, PVPK series (Povidone), copovidone and other VP / VA copolymer series products, PVPP (cross-linked povidone), PVP-I complex (Povidone iodine), vinyl ether intermediates and PVM / MA copolymer series. The company is currently the only one that can produce PVPK12 (powder and liquid), PVPK90 (Povidone K90) powder, PVP K60 powder, K120 powder, PVM / MA copolymer and high purity vinyl ether intermediate. All the production complies with GMP, which makes NKY an industry model in China. NKY has always been committed to process innovation and new product development, and has set up a company's technology R&D center, Tianjin Institute of polymer applications, so as to track the world's technological trends and effectively serve customer needs. With 2000 square meters pilot base, a number of independent research and development achievements have filled industry blank in China: we have obtained 4 patents of invention, 21 patents for utility model, 11 know-hows, many of them reach national or international advanced level. In recent years, NKY has been identified as a National High-tech Enterprise, National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise, and its technology R&D center was rated as the provincial-level enterprise technology center. NKY also rewarded as provincial and municipal advanced technology innovation enterprise, advanced unit of environmental protection for many times.

  As a leading enterprise in the development of the PVP industry, which has a high technology content and fast technology upgrade, NKY has over 60 customers in more than 60 countries and regions and 30 registered trademarks, providing high-quality pharmaceutical excipients for users around the world. The company is currently building Polymer Materials R&D center (R & D Building construction area covers​​6000 square meters), while the existing products will be developed and optimized in-depth, in order to enrich the existing product line and promote new product development through technology relocation. R&D direction includes not only vertical and horizontal depth of field development in PVP area, while extending to other areas of new polymer materials, and gradually form the full coverage of the fine chemical industry.

  It is mainly in the following areas: Firstly, the PVP direction, to capture high-end PVP products, including ultra-pure K90, biodegradable high molecular weight PVP and an annual output of 1,000 tonnes of ultra-high purity NVP production; followed by PVP products under different scenarios research and development, including the prevention of natural gas hydrate with PVP technology and formula, formulations containing disinfectant gargle with povidone-iodine solution, PVP for water treatment polymer separation membrane, high molecular weight PVP for artificial kidney separation membrane, PVP in lithium battery Positive slurry in the formula. Secondly, the new NVP copolymer direction, including the NVP/hexadecane copolymer polymerization process and NVP/Guerbet alcohol maleate series of polymer research and development, through the NVP PVP production is important Research and development of raw materials upgrade, which can effectively enhance the company's PVP product quality and production efficiency. Thirdly, the new monomer direction, including Guerbet alcohol maleate monomer series, tert-butyl vinyl ether, cyclohexyl vinyl ether, 1,4-butanediol vinyl monoether, vinyl carbazole , Vinyl caprolactam and other monomers R&D. Fourthly, OraRez orientation, OraRez products in recent years, a good momentum of development, the company wants to build it into a pillar business, intended to adopt high purity vinyl methyl ether / maleic anhydride copolymer process, efficient conversion of vinyl methyl ether / Malay Acid anhydride mixed salt process and disinfectant gargle formulations containing vinyl methyl ether / maleic anhydride components to further strengthen the business and ensure the company's technological leadership and product diversification, and to achieve sustained growth in PVP industry.

  Company Address: Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, Bohua County Cultural Road (East Section), No. 1888

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